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Full description:

After crossing the Magic Door, Vinn Pohw and Mia have entered an unknown volume of the Great Golden Book.

The adventure continues in MAGICAL GLOVES: The Lost Volume.

In this new chapter of Magical Gloves, we need to solve a new puzzles and mini-games to recover the 5 golden pages and find the 6 hidden golden letters.

Magorus, the evil wizard, is looking for the hidden portal in the treasure room, to return to the Vault of the Books, so you'll have to hurry up to find the 5 pages. Be careful with the minions of Magorus, who will try to avoid that you complete your mission.

We enter into the Wandering Restaurant of the secret volume of the Great Golden Book. A very special restaurant, plenty of mysteries and ghosts, to which we must help.

But be careful! Wandering Restaurant hides its secrets in the dark. Turns the light on and off to find hidden objects and to talk with the souls of the ghosts that inhabit it.

MAGICAL GLOVES: The Lost Volume has been developed entirely with HTML5 + CSS + Javascript and also you can use your NG-ID* to compete in the Online Ranking of best times and share your achievements on your social networks**.

Do not miss this new episode of the saga MAGICAL GLOVES.

*For get a NG-ID you must register in NURENDSOFT.
** To post in your social networks, you must link your social network account to your NURENDSOFT account.

Minimum Requirements:

Processor: 1,66 Ghz

S.O.: Windows XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8

RAM memory: 512 MB

Graphic Card: 32 MB Direct X 9.0c

Hard Disk space: 60 Mb

Sound: Compatible Direct X 9.0c

Internet connection: yes

LANGUAGES: English, Español



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