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Historical context

After World War II, began a new phase of conflict and war. The struggle between the capitalist and communist powers to establish their dominance, especially the U.S. and the USSR led to the division of the world, generating the "Cold War".

Building that world powers were facing, the german general and scientific Friedrich Eichmann, brought together a group of soldiers and mercenaries under the name Black Scorpion Army (B.S.A). Its aim would be to continue the search for supernatural powers to control the humanity, as they did during the war supported by the Nazi army.

At the same time, ex-military and special agents from various countries who had been expelled from their homelands, were recruited by "THE AGENCY". Organization outside any government that acts in secret to solve the so-called "difficult situations", especially to prevent Eichmann meets its objectives. To finance and as cover for his true mission, acting as mercenaries.

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