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Brief history

ANNUNAKI project was born in 2005 at the hands of David and Jordi Ramon. An action game in 3rd person created with the World Editor v1.0, a level editor programmed by Jordi Ramon Puig.


Finalist in the game creation contest PLAYSTATION ARTFUTURA in 2005.
In his release, in 2005, it received over 30,000 downloads.

Game´s story

The world live hardest days. While Europe burns in the fire of war, a group of soldiers led by the fearsome Frederich Eichmann is about to change the world order, using a power of more than 5000 years.
Annunaki is the name of an organization to protect the secrets of the ancient world. After discovering that Eichmann had located the remains of a forgotten creature with the intention of returning to life an use your power in the outcome of the war, the Anunnaki decided to send his best man.
Under the library of the walled City in Central Europe, Eichmann and his team located the tomb of an ancient divinity: Enki, the Scourge of the Gods. Frederich Eichmann intends to return to life this terrible creature and use your power to win the war.
Jacob is the code name of the organization´s top agent, the only one human that can prevent a demon from the past come back to this world.


Action game in 3rd person.
Three bosses.
Three different weapons: pistol, revolver and machine gun.
Night Vision Binoculars.
Ability to use a motorcycle. (You can skip the bike up crashing your enemies)
Ability to dress up. You´ll see Jacob with 3 different costumes.
Different levels of camouflage.

Screenshots of ANNUNAKI (2005)

Annunaki 00 Annunaki 01 Annunaki 02

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