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NURENDSOFT 3-D is the new technology incorporated into our next videogame. Based on the 3-D anaglyph, we generate 3-D in real-time. You can activate or deactivate the effect and change the 3-D depth as desired.
Enjoy the 3-D with your computer, as this technology works with any monitor or TV.

How I know that games are compatible with 3-D?

You will know that game are compatible because you will see a special icon and will be detailed in the game features.


How active 3-D mode in the games compatible?

All our games compatible with 3-D, will use the same configuration of control keys for this purpose.
F1: enable or disable 3-D effect.
F2 y F3: reduce or increase the 3-D depth.

What do I need to enjoy NURENDSOFT 3-D ?

Just need a 3-D glasses that you can make in 4 easy steps.

1 - White paper or cardboard.
2 - Red and blue cellophane paper.
3 - Glue.

Steps to make your 3-D glasses:

1 - Download the glasses template (PDF format) form P-MARK.
2 - Print the template and cut out the glasses.
3 - Paste in the left eye the red cellophane and paste in the right eye the blue cellophane.
4 - Glue the 2 parts of the glasses.

You can make as many 3-D glasses as you like for enjoy the 3-D with your friends.

What precautions should I take?

We recommend you to adjust the 3-D effect according the sensitivity of your eye. If you notice discomfort or dizziness, disable the 3-D effect and let your eyes rest. Do not play more than 90 minutes at the end enabled to not force your vision. This time varies according to each person's visual sensitivity.

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