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The myth of ANNUNAKIS

The Annunaki were giant humanoid, about three feet tall, much heavier and more muscular than humans. They came to Earth from his home planet called by the ancient Sumerians the "Planet of the destruction". The giants Annunaki that were left on Earth to work on gold mines, made some astronomical devices built to help their brothers to know where they was located, to collect the gold. Thus was born the great pyramids.

The Annunaki worship Enki and Enlil, the sons of the supreme god Anu. Enki and Enlil had great powers, Enki was the god of the earth and Enlil was the god of the sky. Despite being brothers, were involved in a heated dispute over whether to destroy or preserve the slave races and this power struggle caused the destruction of the Annunaki.

Still it is believed that the bodies of Enki and Enlil are buried in sacred temples far from the deserts of Egypt. Secret places to prevent anyone can touch their heavenly bodies, as they a terrible curse would fall upon the earth.

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